What happened?

Since Instagram's early days, I have been using it like many of its loyal fans have. I've devoted many hours of my life on the platform, curating and posting beautiful photos for others to enjoy. I appreciated having fans, who genuinely liked what I was doing, while I was also having fun doing it. It was such a natural thing that I've grown used to do, it became part of my daily routine. I never expected anything would go wrong, until suddenly, things changed.

Few nights ago, I was exploring Instagram while having dinner. Out of the blue, my oldest and biggest account was logged out of my phone with a message showing "the owner might have changed the password". I was alerted, so I immediately tried to log into the account. I was unable to login nor was I able to find ANY trace of the account from Instagram ANYWHERE. The account disappeared as if it never existed. I was stunned, I was confused, I was shocked, and I was lost. My immediate reaction was someone hacked and deleted it, but yet, there were no warning signs even though I had turned on two factors authentication. It didn't make any sense, so I tried desperately to look for an answer. After hours of searching, it finally hit me, it was no other than Instagram itself that had disabled my account!


I can’t believe that this actually happened to me. Throughout my Instagram life, I’ve heard of people losing their accounts and being desperate. I always thought those people must have done something outrageous. I would not be one of them and lose my account in the blink of an eye. Guess what? It just happened! I lost an account I’ve been running more than 6 years that had amassed more than 600K followers without any warnings or justifications. I never thought a social platform would be so cruel to drop a loyal fan just like that, let alone a platform that I've dedicated over 6 years of my life using.

It blows my mind that Instagram would just do such thing without hesitation or warning. After all, it is supposed to be a platform built for its users and popularized by its users, especially loyal users who have been on it every day for years. It seems that the people working at Instagram do not understand. When a user spends lots of time on Instagram, it is no longer just an account. It is part of the person's life. The hard work, the dedication, and the commitment the person put into it, is not to be taken for granted. When Instagram decided to let its unreliable automation kick out its users, it had forgotten the reason they existed in the first place. When it decided to shut the door, it tries to keep that door closely shut. Their so called Help Center or Facebook Team (Jesse, Riley, Lisa, etc.) are just inflexible and inaccurate bots designed to kill the hopes of its users. Just look at the same email being sent over and over again from their bots. Isn't it ironic that bots are what they use to treat their users, while they wouldn't want to be treated that way?

Really? Exactly the same email from Marek, Adam, and Zarko (and many more)? They send this very same email to every account being disabled. But when you ask them based on what specific ground that the account was disabled, they never ever responded back. At least, they should have the decency to admit these are all bots randomly assigned with different names.


I used to put so much trust on Facebook Inc. and think Instagram was the best social media app ever, but I can no longer see that. I was awaken by the hurtful fact that THEY REALLY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU!!! Your emotions, your hard work, your thoughts are worthless in their eyes. It does not want to help you when there is a problem, leaving you desperately and hopelessly going in circles with their bots. It fails to provide you with a decent level of security because no matter how old and big your account is, can be shut down by their artificial intelligence system any moment without a reason. Even a criminal needs to be trialed before being punished because that's the human right everyone deserves, but Instagram, being given too much power and trust by its users, dictates everything. It does not care nor provide helpful assistance to users seeking justifications for the not-so-intelligent bot's extreme actions. No wonder there are so many user privacy issues coming out of Facebook Inc. They just don't care about protecting users' rights. They know it, users know it, even lawyers know it. Is it that hard to provide decent service? Is it that hard to care about the users? They are not going to change themselves unless it is profit driven. They are not going to care until we, as users, start to care! So share this story, share your story, let our voices be heard!


Debbie says:

Unbelievable that Instagram disabled such a beautiful account! I hope you get it back!

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