Vienna Day 1

It was only one week until the July 4th long weekend, which meant I finally had a few days off! For this holiday, I decided to travel to Eastern Europe, including Vienna, Prague, and Budapest because I had seen photos of the beautiful architectures from the area that are very different from the ones I saw in Italy and France. I had also heard of the hospitality and affordability of these countries, so I decided to go check them out!

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Fairbanks Part 2: Views of a Lifetime

Despite the cold weather, I had a really fun start in Fairbanks with dog sledding and hot spring tours. Although I did see the aurora on the first night, it wasn’t a great display. Fortunately, I had two more days of action filled agenda, including more aurora viewings. Read more to find out what I did for the rest of my Alaska trip.

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Beautiful Aurora from Alaska

Fairbanks Part 1: Dog Sledding and Hot Spring

Aurora is a beautiful natural phenomenon, viewing it was one of the priorities in my must do list. In an interesting coincidence, several of my friends went to Alaska for vacations during the Christmas and New Year holidays last year. They posted photos of the magnificent landscapes in Alaska, as well as many amazing images of Aurora. It was as if nature was calling for me to go, so I decided to take a week off to vacation in Alaska before the spring came.

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Fairbanks airport

Weekend Getaway in Napa Valley

Napa Valley is a well known tourist attraction in Northern California. When I lived in the Bay Area, a lot of people I knew were frequent visitors of Napa Valley, especially wine lovers. I didn’t get the chance to visit there while living in the area since it felt too close for a proper vacation. After I moved to LA, I had the opportunity to go back to San Jose during a business trip, so I wanted to find a place for a weekend getaway. Napa Valley felt like a good choice.

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justlikebelle photo

Japan Part 2: Mt. Fuji

After my busy day tour in Tokyo, I started my journey towards Fujikawaguchiko, a popular tourist city with a great view of Mt. Fuji and a wide selection of hot springs. I stopped by Hachioji city for a night along the way since I didn’t want to rush my time. It also gave me an opportunity to check out another city in Japan. On the day I arrived in Fujikawaguchiko, I didn’t get a chance to see Mt. Fuji as it was covered by clouds, but I had a relaxing time at a beautiful hot spring nearby. Thankfully, the sky was clear the next day, and I had the pleasure to enjoy the magnificent beauty of Mt. Fuji!

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View of Mt Fuji from lake

Japan Part 1: Tokyo

Japan is a popular tourist country for Chinese and American alike. Despite having heard of many interesting stories about Japan throughout my life, I had never had a chance to visit, so I decided to visit Japan for a few days on my way back from China during my Christmas vacation a few years ago. Since I only had a few days in Japan, I limited my trip to two of the most popular places, Tokyo and Mt. Fuji.

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Cover photo of Tokyo Tower