Hi loves, it’s Belle, a part time traveller, entertainer, entrepreneur and a full-time social media addict! People who know me often describe me as an outgoing, energetic and confident individual. And I would love to bring that positive energy to all of you by sharing exciting moments of my life on social media such as @justlikebelle.

I have a wide range of interests, including acting, singing, making movies, working out, trying out tech gadgets, playing with my lovely @princo_pom, and many more! You will see many of these interests reflected through my blog and media postings. Beyond my day to day activities, what I like the most is travelling around the world and learning about different people and culture. When I travel, I like to document every moment of my experience and share them on social media. Throughout this process, I hope to spread joy and create learning opportunities to my audience. I want to make you feel like a part of my journey.

For me, travel is not a competition to see as much as possible in a short time frame. It is about enjoying life outside of my extremely hectic daily life. Therefore, I am not a travel “hustler” while spending my precious vacation time. When I visit new places, I always pick few of the most interesting spots to visit, rather than ambitiously visiting everywhere in my limited time. I often sit in a beautiful spot for hours to enjoy a sip of coffee, instead of rushing to the next tourist attraction. That being said, there’s no wrong way to travel. No matter what type of traveller you are, I hope my posts can provide useful information to help you plan out your future journeys. You should adapt whatever that’s more suitable for you, and most importantly, make sure you enjoy the time being away!